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At Morse Financial Group we believe the planning process is dynamic and ideally embraces a person’s entire life.  The cycle begins with spending, moves to the accumulation of capital resources over time that will eventually pay an income in retirement.  The process culminates in planning the orderly transfer of assets to our heirs and organizations that have provided meaning in our lives.  The cycle begins anew as we entrust our carefully gathered assets to future generations.

Seasoned, professional money managers are employed to manage a variety of financial produces, including mutual funds, privately managed portfolios and variable annuities.  Selecting the right combination of financial products is critical to the success of the planning process.  Morse Financial Group has a depth of experience in analyzing, selecting and monitoring these products on behalf of its clients.

Working with Morse Financial Group, the client’s interests are always first.  Our client relationships are the most important element of success.  If our approach sounds like it fits your profile, we are merely an e mail or phone call away from beginning a client relationship.